Pops' Pepper Patch Dill Pickle Hot Sauce

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Pop's latest pickle creation! Our Dill Pickle Hot Sauce will tickle your tastebuds with garlic, cucumber, and dill flavors combined with the natural heat from jalapeños and habaneros. This sauce will fire up everything from Tacos to Bloody Marys!

Size: 5oz

Pops' Bloody Mary
1.5oz Vodka, Tequila, Gin, or Bourbon
6oz Pops' Bloody Mary Mix
1oz Dill Pickle Elixir
1oz Dill Pickle Hot Sauce
.5oz Balsamic Worcestershire Sauce
Garnish with our Habagardil Pickles and Olives

Start by rimming a 16oz glass with lime juice and seasoned salt and then fill with ice. Add all the ingredients in a shaker tin with a scoop of ice and give it a few shakes to mix well. Strain the Bloody Mary into your glass and then garnish with Pops' Habagardil Pickles and Olives. Enjoy!

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